Zumba Fitness Rush Kinect review

April 14, 2012

I’ve always loved the idea of Zumba – I hear so many friends raving about it – but I’ve never had the time to get to a class. So I couldn’t wait to try Zumba® Fitness Rush Kinect for XBox 360.

It’s a fairly simple game – you learn 24 different dance styles as you exercise, including Bollywood, the Merengue and Latin Pop (and you can work out with a friend). You can choose where you want to do your dancing – my personal favourite options are the VIP Pool Party and Las Vegas – and off you go. You can track the calories you’ve burned and create your own workout, and chose your instructor (I’m particularly fond of Jason). I’m not naturaly co ordinated *cough* but even I found it fairly easy to follow the routine and I definitely felt as though I’d had a proper workout afterwards, although I’ve a long way to go before my abs resemble those of the woman on the front of the game. Verdict: fun way to get in shape.



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