Win a brand new phone (and be on TV during Homeland)

December 6, 2013

As you know I’m a huge fan of Homeland… (even though the latest series is a bit of a slow burner, things are definitely getting more exciting). And the lovely people at Nokia, who sponsor the show, are running a competition which could see your face on Channel 4 during one of the ad breaks. But that’s not all. The winner will also get a brand new Nokia Lumia 1020, just in time for Christmas, which is pretty cool.

Homeland disguiseThere are three chances to enter with three themes – today’s theme is ‘Best disguise’; next week, December 15, it’s ‘Best Dramatic Face’ (oh come on, that is practically my face, right?) and third, on December 22, is iSpySanta. (You can find out more about how to enter and the ts & cs here). So, this is my entry for ‘Best disguise’. Admittedly I can’t do the crying face quite as well as Carrie, but seriously, could you pick me out of a crowd? *vanishes into the night*


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