It’s hammer time: what we thought of Thor

April 28, 2011

I asked No 1 Son and his friends to review the new blockbuster Thor for me. Here’s their verdict:

Based on the Marvel comics, Thor  is a crazy tale which follows the adventures of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the young Norse God of Thunder, when he is exiled by his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins). He lands on our very own planet Earth in the present day, right in the middle of the New Mexico desert, where Natalie Portman and her team of scientists are investigating some interesting activity in the clouds. Hilarity ensues along with intense action sequences and mind-blowing 3D special effects as Thor’s friends attempt to bring him home to deal with his brother Loki, who has usurped power and threatens to bring an ancient enemy into the Norse Gods’ home.

The only way Thor could be criticised is in saying that it perhaps tries to do too much. But it’s a tremendously fun film to see and will suit nearly every audience – boys (big and small) will like the action, while girls will like the love story that underlies the whole narrative (not to mention the hunky warriors) and everyone will be blown away by the special effects and the CGI.

Thor-oughly good fun. 4/5

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