What to pack for a family cruise

April 3, 2013

So as I’ve told you, cruise holidays are fantastic for families. But one thing you do have to remember is that staterooms tend to have limited space for a) clothes and b) luggage, so you have to pack pretty strategically – particularly for kids. And yes there will probably be boutiques on board, but these tend to sell either designer gear or branded clothes, which may not be to your taste. So it’s best to make sure you have enough clothes with you for everyone.

For children, presuming you’re going on a sunshine cruise, then the usual summer holiday essentials apply – t-shirts, shorts, hats. There may be laundry facilities on board (and a dry-cleaning service, which will be exy), but really, when you’re on holiday, that’s probably the last thing you want to be doing.

8872668069918But even on the most laidback cruises the chances are there will be at least one formal night, so you may want to pack something smartish for your little darlings to wear – I love this incredibly pretty girl’s dress from Monsoon. For boys, it’s slightly easier – smart trousers and shirts will do fine.

For you, a capsule wardrobe with things you can mix and match will be fine, with a few pretty dresses you can easily accessorise. And for him, make sure you have at least one tie and jacket with you, just in case you want to dine at a speciality restaurant, as these can have fairly strict dress codes. The food’s totally worth it though.

Of course the chances are there will probably be a pirates night, too, so do pack some fancy dress. For the whole family – because you’ll definitely want to join in too. 🙂




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