Two tweets from Mr Crowe

August 1, 2011

Now as a few of you know, I’ve met Russell Crowe. Some years ago, when he was with his band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, I sat next to him at a round table interview with five other journalists in a Berlin hotel suite. This wasn’t long after Gladiator and he was at his growly, gorgeous best.

Except. My Editor had tasked me with getting a photo of myself with Russell – or indeed, any photos at all. In fact, I was with a photographer, who’d flown with me to Germany to get some photos of Russell, which we’d been assured wouldn’t be a problem.

Russell happily signed autographs…

But point blank refused to have his photo taken, despite the best efforts of the publicists, the photographer and myself.

Fast forward *cough cough* years, and last night on twitter I noticed a few people tweeting about Russell’s new song Too Far Gone, recorded with with his wife, Danielle Spencer, and Alan Doyle.

I clicked on the link and had a listen, and thought it was beautiful.
So I tweeted words to that effect… and to my amazement Russell retweeted me, and then included me on another tweet also.

I’m guessing he’s mellowed quite a bit in the last few years *swoons*

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  • Crystal Jigsaw August 1, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    I didn’t realise he could sing as well. Bet you slept well last night!!

    Now, do you think you can muster up some communication with Martin Shaw….

    CJ xx