The One with the teeth whitening

May 30, 2013

Louise Made in ChelseaRemember that episode of Friends where Ross has the teeth whitening and ends up with glow in the dark teeth? This was running through my mind when I went along to the MYA (it stands for Make Yourself Amazing) Smile salon off London’s Harley Street to have my pearly-ish whites made… white. Of course, unless you have veneers, you’re unlikely to end up with Simon Cowell-white teeth. What you should end up with, though, are teeth several shades lighter than the ones you went in with. As you can see, Louise from Made in Chelsea, one of their clients, is clearly very happy with her results.

This was actually the third time I’ve had my teeth whitened over the past eight years, so I sort of knew what to expect; you have to wear a mouthguard, which is a bit uncomfortable and stretches your smile Joker-style, and a pair of very big goggles. A paste is applied to protect your gums, and then the whitening stuff is applied in three stages. Each time the laser is shone on your teeth, and this is the difficult part – you have to keep your tongue very still. It’s not a particularly pleasant process, but it really doesn’t last very long, and the dentist was lovely, which always helps.

The big difference this time though was that as part of the treatment, my teeth were professionally cleaned and polished beforehand. The idea is that this will help the teeth whitening to last that much longer, which of course is what you want if you’re paying £350 to have it done, and it worked a treat, with only minor chastising from the dentist re flossing.

So, to the results. Here are my before and after photos. Pretty good, eh? *Gives dazzling smile*.


You can find out more about MYA Smile here.

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  • Natalie | One Busy WAHM July 29, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Great results!

    Do you have to refrain from any foods afterwards? I heard that it makes teeth sensitive too – did you find this?

  • mellissa williams June 1, 2013 at 9:25 am

    Looking good Liz! Do you have to stay away from tea/coffee and red wine to keep them white now?