The best movie we’ve seen all year: Disney Pixar’s Brave review

July 30, 2012

There’s just a fortnight to go until the release of Disney Pixar’s Brave, and because it really is such a special film I’ve decided to make it Brave week on The Mum Blog. To get things started, here’s No1 Son’s review of the movie:

‘The new Disney Pixar film Brave  is the best movie my friends and I have seen all year. Telling the story of a non-typical Disney princess, Merida, who would rather go riding in the forest and practise her archery than choose a suitor and wear a corset, things take a humorously realistic turn when tensions between Merida and her mother reach breaking point. Taking things into her own hands, Merida encounters a witch and begs her to make her mother change. Unfortunately, she is changed – into a bear, which is especially inconvenient when it is considered that the King is a renowned bear killer.

Merida takes it upon herself to protect her mother and do what she can to bring her mother back to human form, and in doing so discovers an old legend and the importance of family.

Brave is a heart-warming tale that brings you from nail biting tension to sorrow to relief, with laughs regularly interspersed. The cast is the prime of Scottish talent (Billy Connolly, Robbie Coltrane, Kelly MacDonald) and the antagonists are of course English (Emma Thompson and Julie Walters). But the story is mainly focused on the character of Merida, who is highly likeable and for teenage girls, extremely relatable – even if they aren’t princesses.

For younger children some elements of the film may be considered quite scary, but the humour applies to all ages and by the end of the film more adults were in tears than children. Truly one of the best films Disney has made in the past decade. 5 stars (out of 5).’

Brave is released on August 13

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