Teri Hatcher and Disney’s Planes

July 16, 2013

Teri Hatcher and Disney's PlanesOn Sunday we were invited to a special screening of Disney’s Planes, attended by Teri Hatcher (but not, unfortunately, by her voiceover co-star Dane Cook, who is one of my favourite Hollywood men EVER).

Of course, Teri is best known by many of us as Susan from Desperate Housewives, and when I was on the celeb mags we actually emailed each other a few times. I know, crazy, right? Even though she was a mahoosive star, she did her own publicity. I was always struck by how down-to-earth she is. And she looks AMAZING, doesn’t she?

Our review of Disney’s Planes is embargoed until August, but meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at the movie, plus an interview with Teri. Enjoy 🙂

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