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  • Being a mum makes my heart sing

    Tweet On Sunday I was chatting to No 1 Son about movies; there isn’t anything new about this, we talk about movies, and TV, history and politics a lot of the time. But when we’d finished talking it…

    November 19, 2014
  • The One where I go on Mum Strike

    Tweet I’m pretty tolerant when it comes to domestic stuff – not even my best friends could call me fastidious. But I do like things to be clean and fairly tidy. Unfortunately, like many…

    August 19, 2013
  • Our video review of the Huawei W1ndows phone

    Tweet I’m all in favour of teenagers having their own mobile phones – as long as they’re not too expensive, and they don’t put them in their back pocket and lose them during a…

    June 1, 2013
  • 10 Easy Ways to Annoy Your Teenager

    Tweet One of the benefits of the holidays is the chance to spend quality time with your offspring. Or not, given that my offspring prefers to be out with his friends or up in…

    January 4, 2013
  • A blog post for my son

    Tweet I can still remember the expression on your face when you woke up on Christmas morning and saw your first Big Boy Bicycle in the sitting room. You clasped your little hands together…

    August 15, 2012
  • Win a copy of Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm

    Tweet We’re HUGE Sherlock Holmes fans in this house – and if you have kids aged 11 plus then they’ll be as keen to read the Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm by Andrew Lane…

    April 17, 2012