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  • The One where I go on Mum Strike

    Tweet I’m pretty tolerant when it comes to domestic stuff – not even my best friends could call me fastidious. But I do like things to be clean and fairly tidy. Unfortunately, like many…

    August 19, 2013
  • The girl who liked to play with buckets

    Tweet Since the only things I like to play with now are cosmetics, jewellery and gadgets (oh not THOSE kind of gadgets, people, come on), it’s hard to believe there was a time when…

    August 7, 2013
  • Tell them about the honey, mummy

    Tweet I love this photo of No 1 Son, taken when he was 18 months old, because he’s in his favourite place – Waiting For Mummy To Make Him His Breakfast – and he…

    September 19, 2012