She’s got Bette Davis eyes

September 12, 2012

There’s a line in the original film Fame where one of the actors says ‘I know a lot of people think their mother is beautiful, but mine really is.’

It’s something I’ve often thought about my mum, because she has always been so glamorous. My sister and I loved watching musicals when we were kids – particularly Meet Me in St Louis – and saying ‘look at all the Mummys,’ because our mummy had that vintage movie actress thing going on – particularly her cheeks. (‘What are you talking about?’ she’d say and then we’d collapse in hysterics. Good times.)

When we were at school, friends told us she looked like Elizabeth Taylor. I’m not sure that’s true – in this photo, taken when she was 23, she seems to have Bette Davis eyes. But yes, definitely beautiful. She has spent years telling me and my sister never to leave the house without lipstick on. Perhaps we should take her advice.


*This is my entry for The Gallery – the theme this week is Beauty.

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  • Julianne Orford September 12, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    Heart-stoppingly beautiful.

  • Carolin September 12, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    She’s a gorgeous woman and I think you look very much like her.

  • Molly - Mother's Always Right September 12, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    You’re right – stunning eyes. Whenever I look at photographs of women from this era, I’m intensely impressed by the perfectly coiffed hair. Those waves must have taken an age to perfect. Beautiful photograph.

  • Lesley Beeton September 12, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    I love the beautiful sentiment of your post x,

  • older mum in a muddle September 12, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    Stunning eyes – very elegant – love the way this was written.

  • Emma September 12, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    Beautiful picture, and a very glamorous Mum you have there! I would love to take her advice, but the only lipstick currently in my house is a Barbie one. Would that be the same? 🙂

  • Kelloggsville September 12, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Glamour is something to be worked at. I generally fail!

  • Don't Take My Photograph September 12, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    What a beautiful photograph, and a beautiful tribute to your mother, it made my heart melt x

  • Helen Spencer (SaveEveryStep) September 12, 2012 at 11:57 am

    Bette Davis eyes indeed! I used my Mum in my theme this week too.

  • Momma Mojo September 12, 2012 at 11:44 am

    That is a wonderful photo. I might take that advice too!

  • Kelly Wiffin September 12, 2012 at 11:30 am

    Beautiful picture!

  • Herding Cats September 12, 2012 at 11:03 am

    What an amazing and beautiful pictutre.

  • theminimesandme September 12, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Definitely a yummy mummy x