Send me forget-me-nots

May 5, 2013

forget-me-notsOur garden (and patio) is absolutely covered in forget-me-nots right now – I don’t mean plantain (not the banana kind), which have darker blue flowers and big leaves and are actually weeds and should be pulled up at the first opportunity; but delicate little forget-me-nots, with their pretty blue petals and white and yellow centres.

Apart from the fact they provide little splashes of colour everywhere, there’s another reason I love forget-me-nots, which are of course supposed to remind you of people. And that’s because they remind me of my dad. Back in 1977, the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, in a sudden burst of patriotism he planted the front garden with forget-me-nots, London Pride (which are pink with red stems) and white alyssum, and it looked amazing. I think that’s why I’m always so happy to see the forget-me-nots in our garden now.

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