My secret lingerie addiction

August 24, 2016

OK, it’s not a secret any more – but yes, I’m addicted to buying lingerie. And when I say addicted I mean I have an actual lingerie collection. How many bras do you own? Five? 10? Try 30-40. Silk, statin, lace, all colours (but mostly pink, black and red), there is something about putting on gorgeous pretty lingerie that gives me a lift for the whole day (literally). I wear it for me, because I enjoy it – if the object of my affection enjoys it (and he certainly seems to) well that’s a bonus, but that’s not what it’s about, really.

blue lingerie setOver the past year I’ve lost a lot of weight, without losing my curves… which can make shopping for new lingerie and also bikinis (and yes, I also love wearing bikinis) a little bit of a challenge. So I’m thrilled to have discovered Anita and their stunning range of Rosa Faia lingerie and swimwear.

Rosa Faia bikiniAll the lingerie and swimwear is absolutely beautifully made, and what’s really fabulous is that you can choose different sizes for the tops and bottoms for their bikinis – you don’t have to have both in a size 12, or whatever. They call it Mix & Match and I think it’s absolutely brilliant.

Rosa Faia swimsuit They stock all sizes, too, and if you really don’t want to wear a bikini then their one piece swimsuits are rather lovely too.

When I told one of my friends (she knows who she is) I planned to wear a bikini in the Caribbean in January she was genuinely amazed (not because she thought I couldn’t, but because she hadn’t thought it possible she could wear one; it hadn’t occurred to her that you don’t need a perfect figure to wear a bikini (although these models do have perfect bodies). But she decided to start wearing one and now she loves it too.

What, you didn’t expect to see a picture of me in lingerie, did you?

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