Samsung Galaxy K Zoom review and day at Thorpe Park

September 15, 2014

So this summer as part of their #100daysoffamily campaign the lovely people at Samsung sent us a Galaxy K Zoom phone to review; and they also treated us to a day out at Thorpe Park, known for its water rides, the idea being that we’d use the new phone to film a lovely sunny family day out, with us getting a bit wet, hah hah.

Thorpe Park in the rainUnfortunately we chose the wettest day of the summer. It was so wet the rain was coming off our eyelashes and we a) had to invest in disposable electric blue cagoules and b) we could barely see through the rain to photograph or film anything. Still, being British of course we battled through, and oh how we laughed.

Angry birdsI couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for these very wet Angry Birds or whatever they are, although frankly, we were soggier.

Anyhoo, No 1 Son has fallen completely in love with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – particulary the camera – and nabbed it for himself, so when you’ve finished watching this (very) brief video of Saw at Thorpe Park then do read his rather comprehensive review of the phone. And remember, if you’re planning a day out at a British theme park in the middle of August, even if it looks perfectly fine when you leave the house, for goodness sake take cagoules 😉

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom review

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom cameraThe Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is Samsung’s effort to combine a proper functioning digital camera with all the features of an android smartphone. It arrives in a well packed wood-themed box which deceives you as to the size of the phone. It is massive – the camera at the back dominates and makes it very uneven (though it does retract when switched off). It can be a bit too big for pockets and quite heavy, but you’ll never misplace it.

Samsung Galaxy K ZoomHowever this does mean it has a massive screen (4.8”) so you’ll never have issues with tapping the wrong thing or squinting to read something. Its size might strike you as a battery drainer but the opposite is true, with up to three days of life and exceptionally fast charging. It runs very quickly and smoothly with two processors totalling six cores – more than you’ll find on some notebooks.

The camera is the main feature and clearly what the phone is designed towards. Samsung provide an impressive studio and a shop for more features, but the wealth of options at your disposal are enormous anyway. The camera can zoom to 10x with perfect quality, operating at a staggering 20.7 megapixels, with an additional 2 megapixel front camera for facetime and similar apps. You can take superb quality pictures and video and edit them to your heart’s desire – making this the perfect phone for the budding photographer, and even professionals will love it.

All of the features of an android phone are on here too, every app you could ask for. It comes in a variety of colours and looks very stylish despite its size, making this a great choice for those who want a big, powerful smartphone – and a digital camera all in one.


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