Rio: definitely not a turkey

April 10, 2011

There have been some right 3D turkeys recently, but Rio definitely isn’t one of them. It has a well developed plot, and some genius voice acting (Flight of the Conchords’ Jermaine Clement provides a fantastic villain in Nigel) and spectacular 3D animation, capturing the spectacle of Carnivale in all its splendour.

The film follows the fortunes of rare Blue Macaw Blu (Jesse Eisenberg), and what happens to him when he’s sent to Rio to mate with another bird (voiced by Anne Hathaway).

According to No 1 Son and his friends, Anne Hathaway is as ‘annoying as ever’, but Jesse Eisenberg, is excellent. Tracy Morgan, Jamie Foxx and offer comic relief to the romantic scenes and there’s lots of singing and dancing.

Overall, Rio is definitely a great Easter film to take kids of all ages to see, and parents will love it too. 4 stars.

And if you’re addicted to Angry Birds, you may like to know that there’s an Angry Birds Rio app. I haven’t even dared download it.

(Thanks to No 1 Son for his help with this review)

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