Review of The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

March 27, 2012

We were invited to a preview screening of the new Aardman animated escapade The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists. Sadly although voice stars Hugh Grant and David Tennant weren’t at the screening, Brian Blessed was, which was very entertaining. Anyway, here’s what No 1 Son thought of the movie:

The Pirates! In an adventure with Scientists is a comedic tale with an underlying moral of sticking by your friends. It  follows the failure of The Pirate Captain (Hugh Grant) to earn fame through piracy, and his attempt to win the Pirate of the Year award by winning, of all things, a science prize. The plot is actually well structured considering how ridiculous it sounds, and there are some spectacular set pieces, and slapstick. All in all, Pirates remains a stellar animation and a film that people of all ages can enjoy, although it’s not quite Wallace & Gromit. Then again, few things are. 4 stars.

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