My pink fashion obsession

July 30, 2014

BarbapapaA few years back I had my colours done. What this involves is having various swatches of colour placed on your shoulders, and then the ‘colour therapist’ decides which colours and tones lift your face, and make you look good. For me, this was spring and summer colours, specifically pale blue and pinks. You can decide to take the advice and go and buy a whole new wardrobe, or ignore it. I chose to ignore it, and apart from the occasional pink cardi, stuck to my favourite black and grey instead, determined not to look like Barbapapa.

Legally blondeUntil earlier this year, when I bought my pink coat, and discovered that yes, pink really does suit me, after all; it lifts my face and suits my skin tones. It was a fashion revelation. In fact, I LOVE wearing pink, and I can wear any shade, too – crimson, salmon, rose. OK, I’m not quite at Barbara Cartland stage yet; there’s no need for an intervention. But I’m definitely addicted to pink fashion. And as a grown woman and a feminist capable of making her own decisions I feel perfectly comfortable choosing to wear pink; not every day, obviously, but for me, pink doesn’t stink at all. As long as I avoid the Legally Blonde head to toe thing, because, well, that would be kind of weird. I’m not Barbie, for heaven’s sake, it’s not about looking girlie. I’m more interested in channelling Joan from Mad Men, so if the pink item in question has a Fifties/Sixties vibe, then it’s probably coming home with me.

M&S Autograph pink shift


Anyhoo, I’ve been hitting the sales (I know, I know), and I found this FABULOUS Autograph dress at M&S, which is very Jackie K before she became O, dontcha think? I don’t usually buy clothes at M&S but I couldn’t resist this…

French Connection pink dress


…and this absolutely GORGEOUS dress from French Connection (total bargain, £33 reduced from £110!)… it’s ideal for wearing on a summer night. The coat hanger, by the way, was handmade by my grandmother over 30 years ago. She also loved pink.

Gerard Darel dress


And this wonderful number from Gerard Darel. I’m not going to tell you how much it was, but it was totally worth it.

See? What’s not to love about pink fashion? Go on, give it a whirl.


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  • In Mama's Wardrobe August 13, 2014 at 10:58 am

    I didn’t wear pink until I was in my 30s! I’m pleased its one of my colours too & have just bought a few pink items for the first time in years! Ax