June 17, 2012

When my son’s New Zealand grandmother was over a few years ago she was amazed that I was successfully growing orchids. I can’t grow any other kind of house plant, mind you – I’ve tried yuccas but the dog just wants to eat them. But orchids – yes, and I love that it’s possible to grow something so fabulously exotic in my London home. (My aim is to grow plumerias, too, but they’re slightly more expensive to buy.)

What I love about orchids is that you never quite know when they’re going to flower, or how long their blooms will last – but they’re always breathtakingly beautiful.

This one reminds me of a bird in flight. Can you see it?

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  • Mrs Worthington June 18, 2012 at 7:54 am

    I can so see bird in Flight. I have 2 orchids one that flowers one that doesn’t, I need tips