Norwegian food fest

February 1, 2014

So this weekend it’s Nordicana 2014 in London, which is a festival of Nordic fiction and film, as well as food. Of course I love Saga and The Bridge as much as the next fan of all things Scandinavian, but one of the other big highlights of visiting Norway last weekend was the chance to try all the delicious Norwegian food, which was fresh and healthy and very addictive. This post is basically about everything I ate on board our ship. If you’re feeling hungry, this will make it worse.

Norwegian breakfast


There were the Norwegian breakfasts (with fish and cheese of course, and yummy crispbread and prunes)…

Scandinavian salmon and asparagus










…and a lot of fresh fish (with delicious vegetables)….

Norwegian seafood










…and amazing seafood….

Norwegian lunch










…and more fresh fish (this was a typical lunch)…

Norwegian cheese and sour cherries










…and creamy cheeses served with sour cherries…

Norwegian dessert











…pretty little desserts…

Norwegian salmon











…and more fresh fish….

reindeer biscuit











…and I became completely addicted to these very cute biscuits with reindeer on them. (But I wouldn’t eat *actual* reindeer, even though it was offered several times).

So there you have it. Norwegian food. Not too shabby.

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