My Silent Sunday post becomes a work of art

May 27, 2012

Ages and ages ago I took a photo for Silent Sunday. It was one of those photos where everything just came together at the right time: a flawless rose, a sunny day. Ever since I’ve been thinking it would look fantastic blown up really big on a canvas. In my bedroom, with the Cath Kidston rose-patterned linen, in fact.

So when Hello Canvas asked if I’d like to turn one of my favourite photos into a canvas of course I knew exactly which one I’d choose.

The process is very simple – you choose the size of the canvas, upload the photo, and they work their magic.

A week later and I have the most beautiful work of art – you can see every detail of the original photo, and almost smell the fragrance of the rose. The colours are exactly as they appeared on the original photo. Just perfect. Even if I do say so myself *cough*











*Disclaimer: Hello Canvas gave me this canvas to keep, and I’m delighted with it.

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