MSC Cruises kids’ clubs

March 22, 2013

I’m off to Italy tomorrow to experience MSC Cruises’s new ship, the Preziosa, and seeing Hollywood legend Sophia Loren, which is very exciting. So it reminded me that when I was on the MSC Splendida last summer I made this video about the kids’ clubs. Ignoring my very odd voiceover on the film, it’s a good insight into all the amazing things there are for families to do on a ship.

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    […] *The kids’ clubs have very strict signing in/out policies, parents will always be contacted in the event of an emergency (or if a child isn’t settling in, or wants their mum or dad). Just as with a land-based kids’ club, you have to fill in all medical details and information before your child can join the club. There is a high ratio of staff to children and the staff are all fully trained, but just as with any other kind of childcare, make sure you’ve checked it out properly and you’re really happy. And of course pop back frequently. This vlog will give you an idea of what to expect from a cruise ship kid’s club. […]