Motorola DEFY MINI review

August 29, 2012

Pre Pomme-phone, I was a Motorola girl. I LOVED my Razr (and not just because of the David Beckham ads). I had a black one, and then a plum one, and I adored the sleekness and that flip top. And it was just so EASY to use.

Sadly the Razr was phased out, and my next phone was a horrible boy’s phone, before I finally fell in love with the iPhone4 – although I still don’t know what everything does, and I’m a bit lazy on the apps front.

So when Motorola asked me if I’d like to try out their new DEFY MINI phone, to see if it could really make mums’ lives easier, I decided to give it a go.

The first thing I’d say about the phone is that it’s pleasingly small and light – which means you can actually put it in a clutch bag if you’re going out for the evening, and the good news is it’s also tough, water-resistant and scratch-proof. It has a very clever MotoSwitch which learns who you speak to the most and puts them to the front on your home screen – a real bonus when you need to speak to someone quickly and don’t want to have to scroll through your entire phone book. The camera is also really easy to use.

For me, an absolute plus point is that once you’ve charged the battery it lasts a looong time – I tested it over a week long period and only had to recharge it once. Apps are easy to download (and there are thousands to choose from).

Overall verdict? A handy little phone, easy to use. Would definitely suit a busy mum (or dad). It won’t replace my Pomme but a great back-up to have. 4/5



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