The Moment in Time meme

February 9, 2014

I was watching the movie About Time one night last week; it’s rather a confused film about time travel, with lots of unanswered questions. But one of the best scenes is when the lead character decides to travel back to a precious moment from his childhood he shared with his father, when he was a boy, not to change it, just to relive it again. It started me thinking about moments I would like to experience again, not necessarily from childhood but certainly from the past, so I’ve decided to start the Moment in Time meme.

This is my Moment in Time.

Me my sister and GrannyThis photo was taken in Avebury, where my grandmother lived. It must have been a very warm day, judging by the way we’re dressed, one of those perfect English summer days which seem to go on forever. I’m holding a dandelion clock – such a simple pleasure but obviously one that was fascinating to my sister and I at the time. I’m guessing I was about five which would have made her three, and we’re sitting on the wall of the local manor house. I can almost hear my grandmother laughing – Irish born and bred, she had the most infectious laugh, and she was a huge and important part of our lives when we were growing up. We would have been completely oblivious to anything except our own carefree childhoods, that wonderful fleeting sense of freedom.

But most of all I would like to go back to this Moment in Time because my beloved dad took this photo, and I would give anything to have the chance to spend some time with him again, even just five minutes, just so I could tell him how much I loved him.

*I’m tagging Erica, Rachael, Kate, Ellie and Jacqui for the first Moment in Time. The idea is you write your own post, link back to this one and tag five other bloggers. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

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  • Kate, WitWitWoo February 10, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    It’s a beautiful photo – I thought that was your house for a moment! It’s funny, but I can totally see that’s you! And yet it was taken … 20 years ago 🙂 x