Micro Xtreme MX Trixx scooter review

October 7, 2012

Ben’s at the stage now where he wants to do more cool stuff on his scooter other than just zip to school, so he couldn’t wait to try out the new Micro Xtreme MX Trixx. We had it out the box and put together in about five minutes flat, and then it was into the garden to give it a test ride.

What’s great about it it’s made for a kid who is starting to get more confident in his skills (should that be skillz?), and while Ben’s probably got a few years before he’ll be riding at the skate park (he’s only 9) it’s perfect for him to start learning the basics. And it’s nice and solid, too.

At £119.95 this would be a fantastic Christmas present. Available from Micro Xtreme.

(And if you want to see what more experienced Xtreme riders can do, watch the video below).

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  • Micro Scooters UK October 8, 2012 at 11:55 am

    thanks so much for the lovely review LIz. We hope that Ben gets lots of use from it. p.s. we have learned a whole new language with these new scooters, apparently sic, boss and slammin’ are all words that mean good!