Lisa Lynch and a reminder to live life to the full

March 14, 2013

I was introduced to Lisa Lynch by a colleague, when I’d been commissioned to interview three women who had experienced breast cancer. The feature was to be called ‘Life After Breast Cancer’, but Lisa explained to me why it should be called Life Beyond Breast Cancer, because really, there would be no ‘after’ for her. So that’s exactly what we did.

Lisa LynchOver the years I’ve interviewed many people affected by cancer. But Lisa was, I think, the first person I’d spoken to who really told it like it is – no bullshit about The Bullshit, as she called it. She was funny but searingly honest and reminded me that you have to take every opportunity you’re given, because you never know what’s coming next. We often ‘spoke’ on twitter and her tweets cracked me up – particularly during XFactor.

The C-WordPrior to our interview I read her brilliant book, The ‘C’ Word – endorsed by Stephen Fry, and optioned by the BBC for a TV drama. She told me who had been cast to play her on TV and I really hope it gets made*.

Lisa died on monday, and you can read the beautiful, eloquent tributes from her husband and friend on her blog,


*Lisa told me Sheridan Smith had been cast to play her and we both agreed it was the perfect choice. ‘The C-Word’ finally airs this Sunday (May 3).

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