Let’s think outside the XBox

December 9, 2011

On Sunday I went to the launch of XBox Live. It was held at Supperclub in London, an underground bar/restaurant with giant sofas, and we were treated to various bizarre performances, including a bare-chested man with a mohican reenacting the Janet Leigh shower scene from Psycho. The idea was to encourage us to ‘think outside the box’ – which is exactly what XBox Live does. Clever, eh?

The genius thing about it is that it turns your XBox 360 into an entertainment centre – you can watch movies on Sky and Love Film, You Tube clips, chat to friends on Video Kinect, and view a huge range of TV channels with the launch of XBox Live’s brand-new TV channel.

Of course it does mean you may have to SHARE the console (glares at son and dad) but it will also bring you closer together. Click here to find out more.

I’m now an official XBox Live Ambassador so over the coming weeks I’ll be telling you about more highlights. Watch this space (or rather, watch your XBox).

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