How to keep dogs happy

December 18, 2014

Mutts & Hounds dog bedWhen we were moving home last week I had two main concerns: 1. The dog and 2. The cat. Settling pets in to a new home is never easy (and the cat cried for the first 24 hours). Thanks to the guys at Petplan, though, Yoda had been sent some very thoughtful gifts, which helped to make him feel more relaxed, including, toys, treats, this rather gorgeous new bed from Mutts & Hounds…

Alessi dog treats jar…and this fabulous Alessi dog treats jar (obviously Yoda  doesn’t care that it’s Alessi, that’s for my benefit. Isn’t it cool? Looks great in our new kitchen.)

The thing about dogs in particular is that they need a lot of love and understanding and TLC (and please do read this post if you’re thinking of getting a puppy, and obviously you should NEVER give a puppy for Christmas). The cat was happy as soon as she discovered the cat flap and realised her new garden backs on to a big green with lots of birds in the trees; the dog took a little more convincing. But as well as taking care of their emotional needs (and trust me, they do have them), of course you also need to take care of their physical wellbeing.

Petplan has been going since 1976, and I think what’s good about them is that they really do specialise in pet insurance – it’s all they do. As well as offering a range of policies they also offer a Find a Pet service; their priority is to help sick and injured pets back on their paws.

Yoda is currently curled up next to my feet in his bed. For dogs, home is definitely where the heart is.

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