How to make double cheeseburger cupcakes (fab for kids’ parties)

March 8, 2013

The Cupcake CupboardcupcakesOne of the many attractions on board Liberty of the Seas is the The Cupcake Cupboard, which is very cute and sells all sorts of yummy looking cupcakes. But the best thing about it is that you can take cupcake decorating classes there (yes, really), which is very useful for ‘at sea’ days.

The Cupcake Cupboard chefI was expecting to be doing something involving lots of icing, glitter and prettiness, but instead the instructor/chef informed us we would be making double cheeseburger cupcakes. For real. So we all dutifully washed our hands, and then sat round a table covered in clingfilm, each of us with our little piles of cakes, tools and ready-prepared icing, and began.

And then the giggling started. Some burgers ended up looking more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but it didn’t matter. It was so much fun it occurred to me that it would be a great thing to have on offer at kids’ parties.



So here’s what we did.

For each double cheeseburger cupcake you need:

cupcake cheeseburger Two plain cupcakes, with the tops and bottoms sliced off. Set aside one top. The remaining cakes should be cut into thirds.

One chocolate cupcake, with the top and bottom sliced off. The remaining cake should be cut in half.

Two homemade greaseproof paper icing bags containing a) red icing and b) yellow icing

Cocktail sticks

Two pieces of palm-sized ready rolled icing, one round and green and one square and yellow.

icing lettuce and cheese1. Take the green piece of ready rolled icing in one hand and, using the side of the cocktail stick, gently make indentations all the way round and pinch the edge (so it looks a little like lettuce).
Icing tomato sauce2. With the red icing bag make a sort of flower pattern (tomato sauce) on one of the slices of plain cupcake. (You may need a friend to help you with this bit *cough*.)

3. Place one piece of chocolate cupcake on top.
Cupcake hamburger and mustard
4. With the yellow icing bag make another flower pattern on top (mustard).

5. Pinch the corners of the ‘cheese’ so it looks as though it’s melting and place on top.

6. Place another piece of plain cupcake on top.

7. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4.

8. Put the ‘lettuce’ on top.

9. Finish with the ‘top’ of the bun.
Cupcake cheeseburger and fries10. Cut up the remaining cupcake into ‘chips’. Add  ‘tomato sauce’ if liked. Stick two cocktail sticks in the top, sprinkle with white sugar strand sprinkles for ‘sesame seeds’ and add a mini lime jelly slice ‘gherkin’.


Genius, right? Mind you, I’m not sure how you’d get it into your mouth.

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