Gamescom 2011 Day 2

August 22, 2011

So after the excitement of the previous day anticpation levels from No 1 Son and the other kids (oh alright, and the grown-ups too *cough*) had reached fever pitch as we headed to the Gamescom 2011 press day .

At first No 1 Son and I thought it was just one giant conference arena jampacked with all the latest games. But then we realised it wasn’t just one room, but FOUR. On display was every conceivable new game and gadget and accessory – my boy’s eyes were on stalks as he tried to take it all in and work out what he wanted to play with.
Some of the demos were strictly over-18s only (you had to provide passport proof of age to get in, so they remained tantalisingly behind closed screens) but there were plenty of suitable family games for us to enjoy. We had an unsuccessful but hilarious go at Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 (we couldn’t work out what Hermione and Harry were supposed to be doing, and our wands kept failing to ignite), we had great fun on Fifa 12 (although I lost having scored an own goal *cough*). No 1 Son also spent a considerable amount of time in the Blizzard Entertainment area.
We also watched a professional gamers’ challenge featuring a couple of world champions from Korea, which was a bit like watching a chess tournament, only the commentary was much louder and shoutier.
Because it was press day, queues were minimal – apparently on the days it’s properly open to the public it becomes jampacked with wall to wall teenagers.
No 1 Son loved every single minute of it, he was in his absolute element. We tried hard to see and try as much as we could/were allowed to but it was just impossible, there was simply too much on offer and we ran out of time.
A final highlight of our Gamescom experience was the chance for No 1 Son to interview Dan Greenawalt, game director of the fantastic Forza Motorsport 4. I was really proud of him as he asked lots of questions and listened to the answers intently. (I would show you the footage of this but unfortunately it was my first attempt at using a Flip and something went wrong with the volume control so we’ve been left with a silent movie, my bad).

Dinner that evening was at a gorgeous Greek restaurant on the banks of the Rhine with a fabulous view of Cologne. A wonderful city and a trip to remember.
*Huge thanks to XBox Play Smart, Play Safe for giving us the opportunity to go to Gamescom, and for the fabulous duck egg blue controller – our favourite souvenir!

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