Food and travel

January 9, 2014

Prawns tapas in BarcelonaI was watching Nigella on The Taste on Tuesday night (quite entertaining, like a sort of foodie Dragon’s Den, although I don’t really get the whole thing with The Spoons, why can’t they just use plates?) and I started thinking about how important taste is when you’re experiencing a destination. I am a foodie anyway, but in my opinion, food and travel go together so perfectly that I can’t really imagine travelling to somewhere new without trying the local cuisine (pity those people who refuse to try anything different); these prawns you see here, for example, I had at a tapas bar in Barcelona, and they were the most drool-inducingly gorgeous I’ve ever had, all garlicky and lemony, plump and delicious. From street food to gourmet, I’m happy to try most things once (although I draw the line at game and venison, of course.) I’m also a sucker for sitting in cafés watching the world go by and freshly mixed cocktails. And of course on cruises there’s a never-ending array of tempting dishes to try (you don’t *have* to eat everything in sight, of course *cough*).

So these photos are just a small selection of some of the most amazing food and drink I’ve devoured and imbibed on my travels over the past couple of years, from the freshest oysters in Sète, France, to gold leaf risotto in the middle of the ocean. It’s basically a food porn post. Enjoy.

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