Fab footwear for back to school

September 1, 2015

Vivo barefoot children's shoesWhen No 1 Son and I were in Shanghai we spent A LOT of time walking because it’s really the best way of seeing everything and immersing yourself in the culture and atmosphere when you’re travelling. And the only way we could do that is because we had fantastic footwear that supported our feet, was comfortable, didn’t get too sweaty (it was VERY hot) and kept us moving.

Step forward (sorry) Vivo Barefoot. They recently sent me a pair of their motus trainers and – I’m not just saying this – they are FANTASTIC, they fit perfectly. Of course you’re not really barefoot but it is like wearing a second skin – you really don’t really notice you’re wearing shoes at all. Admittedly I feel a little like Daisy Duck when I’m wearing them (they are a size 40 and white, so hard to miss, particularly when it’s raining) but they are so comfortable, perfect for walking the dog, walking to get the bus to work, and so on. I even feel like running in them. I big fluffy heart them.

And the good news is they do trainers for the whole family, starting at £35, which I think is pretty reasonable.

But what I really love about them is that they are committed to making sure kids wear properly fitting, foot-shaped shoes. They’re even running parent learning sessions at its London store in London and on their website there’s a guide to buying safe shoes. As parents we know that if our kids wear the wrong sized shoes it can really affect their physical development, but wearing the wrong shaped shoes is also a massive problem, so it makes sense to find the right shaped shoes for our children’s feet. If you’re looking for footwear for back to school sports and activities I definitely recommend them.

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