Dogs we have loved

April 7, 2013

TrishaWe were looking at some old family photos last weekend and I came across this photo taken by my dad of our first dog, Trisha (named, I think, because Patricia is one of my mum’s middle names). I love the expression on Trisha’s face – she was an incredibly sweet-natured dog. We got her as a puppy from the RSPCA and she lived a fairly long and happy life.

Pluto the Springer Spaniel



Pluto was our liver and white Springer Spaniel, completely bonkers, with the most expressive eyes, named after the Disney character, of course. He helped heal our family after my dad died.





No 1 Son’s first dog was Taupo, our beloved Cavalier King Charles, named after the wonderful lake in New Zealand where the grandparents have a place. He was the most gorgeous, loyal dog, and losing him broke our hearts.

Yoda 1











Which is how Yoda came into our lives. A rescue puppy, and named after the Star Wars character because he has ears similar in shape, he’s grown into a beautiful, happy, healthy dog – high maintenance and a little bigger than we were expecting, but part of our family just like all the other dogs we have loved.


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  • Crystal Jigsaw April 7, 2013 at 11:02 am

    Gorgeous. I adore dogs. They each have their own character and wonderful traits.

    CJ x