Dirty little secrets

August 5, 2014

How clean is your house? This is something I’ve been forced to confront over the past few weeks as we’re currently trying to get the house ready to put on the market in September. It’s not massively dirty, but let’s just say our dust bunnies… have had dust bunnies. I’ve resorted to paying my niece to help out with the cleaning. Not even kidding.

Anyway, the lovely people at Method natural cleaning products have come up with a fab survey, with the help of One Poll, which reveals how clean we are as a nation. As you can see on this rather clever little infographic, some of the stats are rather alarming. One in 10 admit to reusing their lunch plate at dinner time WITHOUT WASHING IT FIRST? What is WRONG with these people? And 60% admit to not washing their bed linen once a week. Ewwww. (I used to work with a girl who admitted she only washed her bed linen ONCE EVERY SIX MONTHS. Gross.)

There are some rather shocking dirty little secrets on here (unless, that is, you’re the mother of a teenage boy, in which case none of these will be a huge surprise to you.)

method dirty little secrets infographic_FINAL


I’m sharing this infographic because I’m actually a fan of Method. If you’re guilty of any of these dirty little secrets you may want to try the wooden floor cleaner, which smells like Marzipan, and the bathroom cleaner, which smells like sweets. And then, clean your house #justsayin’.


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