David Bowie will always be a hero to me

January 12, 2013

David-Bowie-Ashes-To-AshesSomewhere up in the loft are all my albums and singles, relegated once my worn-out turntable became replaced (reluctantly) by a CD player. And somewhere in the mix are my David Bowie records, covered in stickers with my name on and a warning to my sister to keep her hands off, records played over and over again until they nearly drove my parents mad. Ashes to Ashes, Let’s Dance, Modern Love, Life on Mars, Heroes. I was and always will be a huge Bowie fan.

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence David BowieFor me though what really sealed the deal was Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. The moment when his character goes to kiss the Japanese captain (Ryuichi Sakamoto), knowing full well what the consequences will be, is surely one of the most poignant moments on film.

Like the great man I share a love of Berlin so I’m thrilled with shots of the city in the video for the haunting Where Are We Now? He is a true British music icon, a style legend, and he will be a hero to me.

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