I claimed back my PPI… and won

June 12, 2014

I’ve been a little bit quiet on the blogging front over the past few weeks because we’re currently in the progress of doing up the house so we can sell it; I’m walking around with plaster in my hair, broken fingernails and that unkempt look of someone who is having to shower in a tub covered in cellophane.

Of course, all this costs money, and a few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to contemplate having this work done. But that was until The Letter.

Now, I’m sure, like me, you’ve had those anonymous texts which say ‘you could be entitled to thousands in PPI compensation.’ And I’m sure, like me, you just ignore them and delete them. You’re doing the right thing. Carry on doing that.

The Letter, however, is different. The Letter comes directly from either a credit card company or bank that you know you’ve had an account with (and possibly still do). They have some information about you and there’s a number to call, and it tells you you may have been missold PPI.

Now I knew I had indeed had PPI, for two years, with an Egg credit card. But then the PPI scandal broke so I cancelled the policy. I kept my credit card; Egg was eventually taken over by Barclaycard and The Letter came from Barclaycard.

The woman I spoke to explained they would send me a form which I would need to fill in; the form took about a week to arrive, and when it came I wasn’t *entirely* sure how to fill it in. I did a bit of checking on Money Saving Expert, that kind of thing, and I realised that I had indeed been mis sold PPI, because I had a permanent job at the time I took it out with a three month notice period. There was never any question of me needing PPI. I couldn’t even remember actually agreeing to have PPI at all. And then I got quite angry.

So I filled in the details that I knew, which weren’t an awful lot apart from dates (which I got from Barclaycard) and that I believed the PPI must have been mis sold because I definitely didn’t need it and I couldn’t actually remember ever having expressed a desire to have it in the first place.

I filled in the form online; and then I went to Florida. When I got back, The Other Letter was waiting for me.

Free parking




The Other Letter said that they agreed I had been mis sold PPI. And that I would be refunded the cost of the PPI I’d paid out (around £3k). And not only that… but I was also entitled to the interest that had accumulated on the amount paid out. Six years worth. So I would be refunded the cost of the PPI PLUS the interest. £11.5k in total. They would be taking off a tiny amount for tax… but the rest was mine. All mine.

*falls over*

My voice was SHAKING when I rang them to check it wasn’t a mistake, and when they confirmed that I would be getting a cheque and that it was on its way (it arrived a few days later) I couldn’t quite believe it. It’s not often that you really do get something for nothing. Well not nothing, exactly, because obviously I did actually pay the stupid PPI in the first place, but you know what I mean. It’s an unexpected windfall, and although I haven’t gone mad with it, exactly (a few pairs of new shoes, an iPad mini, paying off a tax bill), it’s wonderful to know that we don’t have to worry about money for a little bit and can do what needs to be done to the house to get it ready to sell.

Monopoly moneySo there you go. That’s the story of how I claimed back my PPI myself, and won. If you get a letter that looks legitimate don’t ignore it, find out if it’s kosher and fill in the forms. (Ooh, and I’ve just done the same with CPP, not sure what will happen there but gotta be worth a shot, right?)

Just keep ignoring those silly texts, for goodness’ sake 😉

*Update: So as I told you, I filled in the form to claim back my CPP – Card Protection Policy. On Saturday I arrived home from Ireland to find a nice cheque for £250 waiting for me. See? Free money, sort of. You have until the end of August to claim back your CPP – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


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  • Kim Carberry June 12, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    Oh wow! That is fantastic!! Well done you!
    Don’t spend it all at once…..hehehe

  • MummyTravels June 12, 2014 at 8:59 am

    Wow! Amazing…