My best travel photography… so far

January 5, 2014

Oresund BridgeI was watching The Bridge II last night (bit of a late comer to The Bridge, #mybad, but The Tunnel made me want to see the original – isn’t it AMAZING? So addictive and totally in love with Saga already) and I remembered I’d taken a photograph of the Øresund Bridge in the summer that hadn’t really seen the light of day in terms of being shared; so I tweeted it, which resulted in quite a few rather nice and unexpected compliments. (I do like the moodiness, and the contrast of the steel with the inky blackness of the sea and sky – it looks almost black and white, doesn’t it?) And that got me thinking about my best travel photography so far. Not in an arrogant way: but the shots I’m most proud of, personally.

A lot of these were taken with a camera phone and they may not be particularly great in terms of skill; but without trying to sound pretentious, what I always try to do whenever I’m travelling is capture the ‘essence’ of a place, to bring it to life and evoke the atmosphere. Or if I’m photographing a building that has been photographed a thousand times before – The Colosseum, for example – I’ll try to find an interesting angle, something to make it look a bit different. And yes I’m that saddo who will get up extra early just to capture a sunrise #notevensorry. Some of the photographs are from opportunities I stumbled upon – the brides in Venice, St Petersburg and Ho Chi Minh City; the smiling street vendor at the side of the road in Vietnam.

This is really, just a very small selection of my travel photography. And I’m hoping the ‘even better’ is yet to come 😉

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