Our beautiful new carpet

August 14, 2014

After MONTHS of practically living with our builders, our house is finally finished, and it looks beautiful. There was just one final finishing touch, and that was to order carpet for the stairs, landing, No 1 Son’s room, the spare room and my room.

I’m very much a wooden floor type of person downstairs but the more hotels I stay at the more I appreciate the luxury of having bedroom in the carpet; when you get out of bed on a cold morning it feels fabulous to step on to a soft, warm carpet, and it’s the easiest way to achieve that boutique hotel chic look.

So a few weeks ago Man of the House and I went down to our local branch of Carpetright to order the carpet. He had already taken the measurements, and after quite a lot of deliberation we decided to go for an ivory-coloured carpet; which might seem slightly insane, given that Yoda the dog has no concept of how dirty paw prints affect light, clean material. But the advantage of the carpet we chose is that it’s stain-resistant and you can also, should you really need to, clean it with bleach. We decided to choose the same carpet for all the rooms and stairs and landing because if you go for the same colour it makes the house feel bigger.

The carpet we chose is made from polypropene, not wool. The reason we decided to go for this one is that if you’ve ever had wool carpet (we had it in our old house) you’ll know that modern-day wool carpets can attract moths, which is the last thing you want. My mum has wool and spends ages spraying the carpet with lavender spray, to no avail – the little blighters still appear. I wanted a carpet that was really easy to maintain, but still looks good and feels soft.

We ordered the carpet and the underlay from the assistant, who was highly amused by Man of the House’s terrible jokes, and then all we had to do was wait; the delivery was delayed slightly but they rang us to tell us what was happening several times, which I thought was very good.

new carpetThe fitters arrived yesterday and they worked LIKE LIGHTNING. It took them about two hours in total to fit all the underlay and carpet, and here are the results.

upstairs carpetIt looks gorgeous, doesn’t it? Exactly what I wanted. And it has that wonderful new carpet smell, too.


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