Baked Camembert with Cranberry Jam

April 24, 2012

Ever since we went to Switzerland No 1 Son and I have been a bit obsessed with fondue. On one trip we had the sweet version – served with chocolate, with different fruits; and on another we had the savoury kind, with lots of French bread.

For some reason we’ve never got round to making fondue, but when my mum gave us a Camembert I decided to try baking it and serving it with Cranberry Jam and French bread.

It’s really incredibly simple make Baked Camembert with Cranberry Jam (or sauce, if you can’t get your hands on jam). Unwrap the Camembert and slice the top rind off. Then pop it back in its box and bake at 200C for 15 minutes. Serve with French bread, cut up small, and Cranberry Jam. That’s basically it. Five mins prep, 15 minutes to cook, and er… five minutes to eat *cough*. (If you prefer a savoury version, try experimenting with herbs and a spoonful of olive oil before you bake, or as an alternative to Cranberry Jam, try Apricot. Delicious).

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  • Kat April 24, 2012 at 8:16 am

    mmmm cheese *drools on your page a bit*