And the winning charity is…

May 6, 2014


The 30 Green Days Challenge may be over, but I still have one last thing to do: and this is the bit where I get to play fairy godmother, because I’m going to reveal the charity that has won the £6000 Green Grant provided by SC Johnson.

We decided to award the prize to this particular charity, FoodCycle, because of the fantastic work they’re doing around the country to help reduce food poverty by using reclaimed surplus food. 

FoodCycle were nominated by Jac, and this is what she wrote: “FoodCycle runs volunteer-powered community projects across the UK – working to reduce food poverty and social isolation by serving tasty, nutritious meals to vulnerable groups. They started cooking in May 2009 and have served over 90,000 meals, made using 100,000kg of reclaimed surplus food (the equivalent saving of 450,000kg CO2 emissions) by their network of 1,200 volunteers. Kelvin Cheung, Founder of FoodCycle is one of my social enterprise heroes as he proactively did something constructive about the growing problem of food poverty nationally in the UK.”

One of the biggest changes we’ve made as a family since we started doing the 30 Green Days Challenge is tostop wasting so much food. In the UK we waste 7 million tonnes of food every year, and if we stopped doing that it would be the equivalent of taking one of four cars off the road. The ethos of FoodCycle fits perfectly with the 30 Green Days Challenge and I’m delighted to have been given this opportunity to contribute to their amazing work.

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  • Jac June 11, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    I’m so happy you chose FoodCycle. Better than winning the lottery. Will be at BritMums Live so will come introduce myself They are a great example of what people can do to support each other and good nutritious food is becoming an increasing challenge for most people with the current climate.I thought the other candidates were all really interesting and some were new to me and would have been delighted if they’d won. Thank you Liz.