A mouse loose about the house

December 2, 2011

There are some things you don’t expect to see when you open the front door. One of them is your cat holding a live mouse in its jaws.

Last night Sparta (this is she) greeted me with a mouse. I’m used to her gifts – often mice, the occasional frog, but they’re usually dead. This one was very definitely alive.

Everyone else was out so I did the predictable thing of screaming at the top of my voice, which made Sparta jump on to the worktop. Where upon she dropped the mouse.

What happened next truly surprised me.

At first the mouse ran back and forth a bit, with me trying to catch it (impossible, it was tiny and very very fast). It then jumped down a level. It then RAN DOWN THE SIDE OF THE WASHING MACHINE and headed for the back door.

The back door was shut, but I opened it and let the mouse out and off it ran.

Who knew mice were so clever?

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  • Tattie Weasle December 2, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Very Clever! Rats are too but I’d prefer a mouse anyday!