My 30 Green Days challenge

April 3, 2014

30GD-logo-for-releaseWhen you’re a parent you feel a sense of responsibility not just to your family but to the world your children are growing up in; you want to help create a better environment for your offspring and for generations to come. Which is why I’ve agreed to become one of the SC Johnson bloggers and take on their 30 Green Days Challenge.

The idea is that we try to make one small positive change every day, because that one simple act can inspire a lifetime of great green habits. We’re quite an environmentally-conscious family anyway, but there’s always something more you can be doing, right?

For example, this week I was going to have my hair Brazilian blow-dried. The idea of having beautifully soft, straight hair for about six months with no need for straightening is incredibly appealing. But I’ve decided not to have this done because the treatment isn’t so great for the environment, and so yesterday I cancelled the appointment. I’ll just have to put up with being frizzy in the rain (and humidity).

Earth Hour 2014On Saturday night, instead of having Earth Hour, we had Earth Evening; we turned off all the lights and sat in the dark for about three hours. It was actually a lot of fun and more than a little spooky (particularly when the dog started barking at something unseen in the garden).

tulipsI try to encourage ladybirds to chase away the greenfly in the garden by planting out lots of tulips, which apparently they’re very attracted to.

I’m also encouraging Ben, who is 10, to really think about what he’s throwing away, and recycle as much as possible instead of just putting everything into the bin; while I’m insisting No 1 Son remembers to switch off the games console at night.

And at work I’m trying not to print out stuff I don’t actually need a physical copy of; so I’m saving electricity and paper.

I really hope you’ll join me for the 30 Days Green Challenge – watch this space because later this week I’ll be revealing how you can nominate your favourite green charity to receive a fantastic donation, courtesy of SC Johnson. And do look out for the hashtag #30GreenDays on twitter.

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