2 days in New York

January 26, 2015

early morning New YorkSo last week I spent two nights and 2 days in New York, one of my favourite cities in the world. I’ve visited New York many times before – in fact, New York was the first US city I ever visited with my parents and sister, sparking a lifelong love of America. But it had been a few years since I was there last.

This time I was there for work – the unveiling of Carnival’s new ship, Carnival Vista, and perhaps the only advantage to suffering from transatlantic insomnia in the city that never sleeps is that you wake up really early (like, 4am early) which means you’re up and out and sightseeing before the working day has really started, so as it had been a while since I’d been in New York I took full advantage of our 2 days in New York. January in New York

7th AvenueWe were staying right in the Fashion District on 7th Avenue…

New York bagelAnd on our first morning I braved the cold and snow and had breakfast (deliciously fresh toasted bagel with bacon egg and cheese) at the charming Gigi Cafe where they asked me where I was from and told me how much I liked my accent; I sat in the window, watching the world go by, before making my way up 7th…

Madison Square Garden…past Madison Square Garden…

Times Square 2015…and on to Times Square, where the neon lights were all on…

NYPD(You can see the NYPD ‘office’ in this photo – there was a strong police presence all over the city…)

Macy's New York






..and then I walked along Broadway to the shops, which were just starting to open, including Macy’s, which recently underwent a makeover (and where international visitors get 10% off…)

KitchenAid mixers Macy'sI couldn’t resist taking a photo of these beautiful KitchenAid mixers, I don’t think I’ve seen colours like these in the UK, LOVE. One day *sigh*.

The Melt Shop New YorkOne of my favourite foodie things about the US is the grilled cheese sandwich. It sounds like such a simple thing, but the way Americans make their grilled cheese sandwiches (and what distinguishes them from the humble British cheese toastie) is that they either griddle them or fry them. I know, I know, probably terribly unhealthy but they absolutely melt in your mouth. So I was delighted to discover The Melt Shop, which specialises in grilled cheese…

grilled cheese from The Melt Shop






…it was absolutely delicious, proper comfort food (I currently have a New York baby belly #notevensorry). We so need one of these in London…

Madison Square Park






…and it was close to stunning Madison Square Park (it was cold but sunny the whole time we were there, and the sky was incredibly blue) – I love this shot of the Empire State building and the park…

Flatiron building New York…it’s also where you can see the famous Flatiron building…

New York Life Building



…and the gold-topped New York Life building…

Met Life Tower




…and the very cool Met Life Tower.

Central Park West




The press conference was at Jazz at Lincoln Center, right by Central Park West, with great views of Manhattan…

New York selfie


…and afterwards, even though it was FREEZING, I couldn’t resist doing a New York selfie. Standard.

Hedwig and the Angry InchThat night we went to see a play on Broadway – Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which was probably one of the most confusing plays I’ve ever seen in my life. Everyone in our group was completely bemused; maybe it’s because we’re British, because everyone else in the audience (who were American) were going absolutely mad for it. Basically it’s the story of a German transsexual who ends up in a band. And then ends up as a man in a loincloth. All the time singing in the style of David Bowie and Lou Reed. No, me either.

New York cops on horsebackAfterwards when we were waiting for a cab back to the hotel I spotted four cops on horseback, and couldn’t resist taking their photos (I love that one is on his mobile phone). New York cop on horseback

New York skyline at night







And then it was up to the bar at the top of our hotel for drinks – this was the view. Isn’t it beautiful? Love love love New York.

One World Trade Center










The following morning as we weren’t flying home until later that day we decided to take a cab to One World Trade Center.

National September 11 Memorial






This is also where you can see the National September 11 memorial; it’s a sobering, poignant memorial, with the names of those who lost their lives inscribed on its walls. There’s also a museum close by.


Afterwards, more walking: New York is an incredibly easy city to walk around and once you get the hang of the streets (it’s all on a grid, so simple) then you quickly find your way. It was sunny again and the sky was blue – I love this photo of the Empire State Building.

Empire State Buildingred velvet cupcakeAnd even though we were having lunch in an hour because my body/stomach clock was all over the place I couldn’t resist popping into Gigi Cafe for a giant red velvet cake. It was lush.

Cipriani downtown









Lunch was in Soho at Cipriani downtown, which is absolutely gorgeous…art at Cipriani downtown

Black Russian Tomato and mozzarella









I chose mozzarella and tomato to start, which was absolutely the freshest, most delicious I’ve ever had – the tomatoes were black; I’ve eaten fried green tomatoes before but never black. I’ve since found out they were probably Black Russian tomatoes. Delicious.

gnocchi at Cipriani









My main course was gnocchi with tomato sauce; the gnocchi was exquisite, so soft (it was handmade, not like the stuff you buy in supermarkets here)…

chocolate cake at Cipriani









…and then the waiters did something very clever. They plonked a chocolate cake and apple tart on the table in front of us. Well of course this instantly made us all crave dessert.

Lemon meringue pie Cipriani









I decided to go for the lemon meringue pie, which was just luscious.

Yellow taxis Times Square




Sadly once our lunch was over it was time to take our car back to JFK for our flights to London. My 2 days in New York had been a whirlwind visit, but the whole time we were there the atmosphere was friendly and laidback, and I felt immediately at home again; it reminded me how much I love this beautiful city, and how much I’d like to return.

*You can find out more about visiting New York at nycgo.

Empire State Building and New York

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