10 signs you’re addicted to cruise travel

December 2, 2014

Strawberry daiquiri Royal PrincessI was in my bath last night, wishing it was a jacuzzi on a ship deck and wondering why no one was offering me a strawberry daiquiri, and it occurred to me that I won’t be going on any cruises until at least March next year. And the thing about cruise holidays is, the more you go on them, you more you want to go on them. My cruise highlights this year have included chasing the Northern Lights in Norway, discovering new islands in the Caribbean, journeying along the Mekong, and exploring Japan; plus of course skydiving on Quantum of the Seas. No wonder I’m addicted to cruise travel.

Here are my top 10 signs you’re addicted to cruise travel, too:

towel animal bunny1. When you go into your bedroom at night you wonder where the towel animal is. Ditto chocolates on the pillow.

2. You long to wake up to a different view every morning.

Disney cruise breakfast3. Cereal or toast for breakfast just doesn’t cut it any more – you hanker after a full American breakfast, with pancakes, every day, and preferably room service as well.

4. You have to fight the urge to dress up for dinner, even when it’s just beans on toast.

5. You miss your stateroom attendant so much you ask your friends and family to call you Miss Elizabeth.

6. The only way you can get to sleep is if someone rocks your bed gently from side to side.

7. You try to pay for shopping at your local supermarket with an old sail & sign card.

Me laughing8. Half of your wardrobe is cruisewear.

9. When you join another cruise, the crew all recognise you.

10. A few days before your cruise finishes, you start planning your next one; you may even book it while you’re still on board.

There you are, my top 10 signs that you’re addicted to cruise travel. *sighs wistfully*. If you’ve been on a cruise I’d love to know what you enjoyed most.

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  • Jennifer Howze December 2, 2014 at 9:28 am

    Some signs for me:

    1. You keep asking your husband what today’s “excursion” is.

    2. You expect to experience a West End-quality song-and-dance show every couple of days.

    3. Your 10-year-old keeps asking when it’s time for afternoon mocktails

  • Kate/WitWitWoo December 2, 2014 at 8:18 am

    Oh to have someone rock my bed gently side to side 🙂