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You may not like or understand parent bloggers – but there’s a lot more to us than nappies and snot

ChallengeI was doing some research last night and quite by chance I stumbled upon the campaign ‘STFU parents’, which apparently has been gaining momentum in the US for quite a while now and was sparked by a blog run by a childless woman who objects to parents oversharing on social media – posting pictures and talking about their offspring’s every achievement ad infinitum.

Now, to a certain extent, I agree that posts and photos about the contents of nappies or runny noses have limited appeal. But of course the newish adage You Don’t Have To Read Everything On The Internet holds incredibly true here. Click away, click away, click away.

This week I also had a little ‘discussion’ with someone – a mother – who was making sweeping statements about parent blogs which were based on Liz Jones-style generalisation and had no basis in fact. (And yesterday morning I had yet another wasted trip to the post office because someone had sent me baby products without bothering to read my blog.)

The thing is, there are over 4000 parent bloggers in the UK right now, and I would say that the vast majority are writing about all sorts of things. Being a parent informs and perhaps colours our view of the world but as I blogged previously, it’s NOT the only thing any of us write about.

Right now, for example, there are three parent bloggers in Ghana for Comic Relief (look out for the hashtag #goodwork on twitter), there are bloggers campaigning for things they believe in, there are bloggers writing about politics and entertainment and travel and food and all kinds of things, just like other bloggers. The variety and diversity is one of the things I love most about the parent blogosphere.

And yes, sometimes we do want to share our children’s achievements. That’s not oversharing. That’s being a proud parent, which is I’m afraid something that the Childless by Choice perhaps don’t – or can’t – understand.

So, I think I’ll say STFU anti-parent bloggers. You have no idea what you’re talking about.


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