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Win Horrible Histories Series Four on DVD

Horrible HistoriesFrom the moment he discovered the Horrible Histories books by Terry Deary, No 1 Son was completely hooked. Rotten Romans, Terrible Tudors, and the rest, he read them all, cover to cover, and I firmly believe they’re responsible not only for his interest in history but in part, at least, the fact he passed all his exams in the subject with flying colours. And of course when the TV series started, our whole family were instantly hooked. Not only does it have plenty to entertain kids, but there are lots of ‘grown-up’ jokes too.

Horrible Histories season 4To help celebrate Horrible Histories 20th Anniversary BBC Worldwide are releasing Horrible Histories Series Four on DVD. Tune into Charles Darwin as David Bowie, a boy band of pilots from the Battle of Britain, nursing pioneer Mary Seacole in the style of Beyoncé, a big love ballad from Victoria and Albert, and the Pilgrim Fathers in Jay-Z and Alicia Keys-style. Watch the Historical Apprentice, a team of Neanderthals against a team of Homo Sapiens in a Stone Age hunting challenge while a team of pirates compete with sea merchants to avoid being fired.

Join the Historical MasterChefs who will be cooking up Saxon, Tudor, Crusader and Stone Age fayre and the intrepid Bob Hale is back to give high-octane whistle-stop reports on Human Evolution, Roman Britain, the Renaissance, and Napoleon.

This hilarious look at historical events is released on DVD on 27 May priced at £10.20, but I’m giving five lucky readers the chance to win a copy.

All you have to do to enter is tell me the name of your offspring’s (or your) favourite historical character. The winners of the DVDs will be chosen at random and entries close at midday on Friday May 31st. Usual The Mum Blog competition rules apply.

Good luck!


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  1. Liz Jarvis June 4, 2013

    Thank you to everyone who entered – the winners chosen at random are Erica, Laura Harris, Luisa Lauren, Claire and Liz. Please send me your details via the contact form and I’ll arrange for your prizes to be sent to you.

    • Luisa Lauren June 11, 2013

      Thank you Liz, My son will be thrilled.

  2. Liz Jarvis June 2, 2013

    Thanks to everyone who took part in this competition – some fantastic answers. The winners will be announced shortly.

  3. Lynn Doe May 31, 2013

    My daughter has been learning about Florence Nightingale so she is her favourite person in history at the moment :)

  4. Elisa Wright May 31, 2013

    Henry VIII

  5. David Jackson May 31, 2013

    lady jane gray

  6. claire May 31, 2013

    Ben says Lady Jane Grey.
    And for Josh it’s Grace Darling for being so brave!

  7. Olivia Lara Cumberbatch May 30, 2013

    Henry III

  8. Lesley Walsh May 30, 2013

    Henry VIII

  9. Amanda Rose May 30, 2013

    Henry VIII

  10. Charlotte Clark May 30, 2013


  11. Janina Hunt May 30, 2013

    Thanks to Horrible Histories – Charles II, the party king!

  12. Karen R May 30, 2013

    Queen Victoria!

  13. Caroline James May 30, 2013

    My daughters llove the Tudors & Henry VIII is their favourite historical person.

  14. mi_shmash May 30, 2013

    henry VIII

  15. claire wilkinson May 30, 2013

    henry VIII

  16. Lani Nash May 30, 2013

    Henry VII

  17. Sue Jackson May 30, 2013


  18. Jenny Rogers May 30, 2013

    Hard to choose – possibly Boudicca.

  19. Robyn Logan Clarke May 30, 2013

    Guy Fawkes

  20. kristy brown May 30, 2013

    Mary Queen of Scots for my daughter – William Wallace for my son

  21. Luisa Lauren May 30, 2013

    My son says Guy Fawkes or Dick Turpin

  22. Joanne May 30, 2013

    My daughter loves Henry VIII

  23. Rebecca Mercer May 30, 2013

    Henry Vlll

  24. Rachel Blackburn May 30, 2013

    Henry VIII

  25. kate knight May 30, 2013

    William the conqueror

  26. Alison May 30, 2013

    My son loves Horrible Histories, he loves Henry VIII

  27. Joanne Griffiths May 30, 2013

    Henry VIII

  28. Mickie Bull May 29, 2013


  29. Stuart Dunlop May 29, 2013

    Henry VIII

  30. Carol De Brikasaan May 29, 2013

    Mother Theresa

  31. Lindsey Jones May 29, 2013

    Joan Of Arc

  32. matthew collins May 29, 2013

    Favourite is Winston Churchill

  33. joanne harrison May 29, 2013

    Got to be the possibly 6 foot 7 William Wallace for my girl!

  34. leanne williams May 29, 2013


  35. HAYLEY WYNN May 29, 2013

    my son loves reading the horrible histories books he’s always bringing them back from the library

  36. jennie jackson May 29, 2013

    My sons is Henry VIII

  37. Helen May 29, 2013

    Our favourite is Mary Queen of Scots. So many interesting stories about her!

  38. Peter Gilby May 29, 2013


  39. Mark Whittaker May 29, 2013

    Lady Jane Grey , poor woman

  40. Celia West May 28, 2013

    Henry VIII – so much drama

  41. Liz May 28, 2013

    Elizabeth I – I was named after her!

  42. Tammy Tudor May 28, 2013

    King Henry

  43. rjtmisti May 28, 2013

    This is an odd one, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Jane Seymour. I think it’s a combination of the Tudors being my favourite era, playing her in Henry the Tudor Dude, and my middle name being Jane :P

  44. Jane Paddey May 28, 2013

    Joan of Arc

  45. leanne newsome May 28, 2013

    Henry VIII

  46. Solange May 28, 2013

    Queen Victoria

  47. Karen Barrett May 28, 2013


  48. Deborah Munn May 28, 2013

    Queen Victoria

  49. Sarah Louise Bootland May 27, 2013

    My daughter Faith loves Cleopatra – I think its mainly the outfit and the song she loves though! She also really likes the terrible tudors! Xxx

  50. C Parkin May 27, 2013


  51. Jane English May 27, 2013

    Mother Teresa

  52. Tim Marchant-Jones May 27, 2013

    WInston Churchill

  53. sarah fleck May 27, 2013

    Henry VIII

  54. Mark Palmer May 26, 2013


  55. Kim Carberry May 26, 2013

    Queen Victoria!

  56. Gary Topley May 26, 2013

    Christopher Columbus as he done so much for this country through exploring.

  57. Alice Matthews May 26, 2013

    Winston Churchill because he was a part of the grandparents lives.

  58. andy harris May 25, 2013

    dick turpin

  59. Bali May 25, 2013

    Elagabalus–fabulous name, quite the gory character, and I get more fascinated by him the more I look him up–married 5 women, sort of married 2 men, all before he was killed at 18!

  60. FionaLynne Edwards May 25, 2013

    We love Caligula as portrayed by the wonderful Horrible Histories team. “Bigger than me?” is now one of our catchphrases!

  61. Ilana Pearce May 25, 2013

    Robert Artois- You’ve Been Artois’d!
    One of my favourite sketches! <3 Sooooooo excited for the new Horrible Histories series, i have exams coming up and HH Series 5 is all i can think about! It's going to be an amazing break from revision! Thank you!

  62. Tracy Hodgkins May 25, 2013

    My children have voted William Wallace as their favourite

  63. James Spicer May 25, 2013

    Henry VIII

  64. enrico savorelli May 25, 2013

    Julius Caesar

  65. Kate O'Neill May 25, 2013

    We love Richard III in this house – my 9 year old is obsessed with him!

  66. Penny Lee May 25, 2013

    Julius Caesar

  67. Alison Campbell May 24, 2013

    my daughter is doing a project at school and Florence Nightingale is her favourite character

  68. Julie Davies May 24, 2013

    Henry VIII

  69. Lynsey Buchanan May 24, 2013

    Mary Queen of Scots

  70. Victoria Boland May 24, 2013

    Queen Victoria

  71. Kieran May 24, 2013

    Henry VIII

  72. janet e May 24, 2013

    grandaughter lily loves florence nightingale
    (her mum is a nurse)

  73. anthony harrington May 24, 2013

    King George V

  74. Sarah Knott May 24, 2013

    Henry VIII says my daughter, because he had a very net resting life

  75. Jennifer Murphy May 24, 2013

    Huge horrible histories fans in this house …adults And children ! My son loves Charles Darwin , he hopes one day to find his own species :)

  76. Joanne Baldwin May 24, 2013

    My daughter loves Christopher Colombus as she wants to be an explorer one day.

  77. laura banks May 24, 2013

    my son aaron like vlad the impaler

  78. kirsty lowde May 24, 2013

    love this we all love henry VIII

  79. Jane Ainscow May 24, 2013

    Lady Jane Grey – used by others and forced to pay a terrible price.

  80. Louise May 24, 2013

    Henry VIII

  81. Fiona Collins May 24, 2013


  82. Vivien Baird May 24, 2013

    I like Henry VIII

  83. Jill Osborne May 24, 2013

    Florence Nightingale

  84. Karis May 24, 2013

    Henry VIII

  85. Danielle Hicks May 24, 2013

    Mine is Henry VIII too, always got the order of his wives wrong in school.

  86. rebecca maddocks May 24, 2013

    Henry III

  87. suzanna gentle May 24, 2013

    Elizabeth 1

  88. caroline roberts May 24, 2013

    My daughters favourite character is Henry VIII, shes learning about tudor times at school at the moment so everything is about him!!!

  89. Beky Austerberry May 24, 2013

    I am a history freak and like so many it is hard to choose – Anne Frank, Winston Churchill, Victoria and Albert are the top faves though!

  90. Laura Harris May 24, 2013

    Tutankhamen – after a holiday to Egypt where we went to the museum in Cairo!

  91. robert smith May 24, 2013

    my son loves horrible histories

  92. Elaine Jones May 24, 2013

    My daughter loves Queen Victoria

  93. Tracy Nixon May 24, 2013

    My son like Julius Ceasar!

  94. Andy W May 24, 2013

    Henry VIII – a fascinating king. Did so much good and so much bad.

  95. Mummy Fever May 24, 2013

    Queen Victoria @MummyFever

  96. Erica Price May 24, 2013

    No sure it’s strictly historic, but my son is really into his Greek myths & legends – he’s very keen on Hercules at the moment.

  97. Katherine Rigby May 24, 2013

    We love Horrible Histories in this house! My kids especially love the songs. My favourite historical characters are probably the wives of Henry VIII or Mary Queen of Scots as they have such dramatic stories.

  98. Jayne P May 24, 2013

    My daughter loves Horrible Histories. Her favourite is Dick Turpin & Charles II.

  99. Erica May 24, 2013

    Erin’s got really into Horrible Histories recently, she’s been using my laptop to look up their videos so she’d love this.

    My favourite character from history is Henry VIII (and his wives).

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