Why Florida is my No 1 holiday destination for families

September 17, 2012

As a family we’re really lucky to have been to some amazing places – but some of our favourite memories have been created on holidays to Florida, from rollercoaster rides to Mum Trying To Surf and getting Total Wipe Out.

I love that feeling of stepping off the plane into the humidity, even when my hair does go Monica-from-Friends crazy, and thanks to the fairly small time-difference (five hours), the jetlag isn’t too bad, either – although it’s best to pace yourselves, because there is SO much to do.

One of the biggest pluses about Orlando holidays is that they’re great value for money. You’re pretty much guaranteed sunshine, the theme parks offer non-stop entertainment once you’re through the gates, it’s cheap to eat out and everything’s just so easy and totally set up for travelling with kids. Whether you choose to base your holiday round Walt Disney World or Universal or the SeaWorld parks, the range and scope of activities on offer is just breathtaking. Where else can you play a game of Quidditch with Harry Potter one day and go swimming with dolphins or on African safari the next?

We also had a brilliant time in Daytona, with its long stretch of golden sand and the NASCAR race track. (Yes, even when I couldn’t get out of the window of the race car – note I said window, not door, the doors don’t open – because the crash helmet was so big).

No wonder we’ve been back so many times.


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