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Which Sherlock Holmes is the best?

I’m a bit of a late adopter to the Sherlock Holmes craze – and it was only watching Robert Downey Jr in the Sherlock Holmes blockbusters that sparked my interest.

I love his Sherlock – obviously clever, an absolute master of disguise, but he’s also a very physical Sherlock *cough* – he does an awful lot of fighting. Often in his vest, or bare-chested.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is clearly utterly brilliant, and very attractive to the ladies, but he’s a much colder Sherlock.

Jonny Lee Miller in ElementaryFor me, though, the best Sherlock Holmes of the current crop has to be Jonny Lee Miller in Sky Living’s Elementary. He has that whole detached/unattainable thing going on, he’s remarkably intelligent, but he also has a vulnerability which frankly, makes him irresistible.

Which Sherlock Holmes do you like best? I’d love to know.

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