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What’s the most spectacular natural wonder you’ve ever seen?

I started thinking about this after my friend Kerry posted a picture of the Grand Canyon on Facebook, because when you travel a lot I think it’s easy to fall in love with incredible vistas and impressive buildings and monuments, but there are some natural wonders that are so amazing that seeing them in reality is a surreal experience. It’s almost impossible to take them in.

Grand CanyonFor me, I think the Grand Canyon is simply awe-inspiring, just so much bigger than you could ever imagine, with all those spectacular colours…

joshua_tree…and the Joshua Tree Natural Monument is probably one of the most eerily beautiful places I’ve ever been – not least because the best time to visit is sunset. And yes I did want to go there because of the U2 album…

Craters of the Moonthe Craters of the Moon – hydrothermal eruption craters – in Taupo, New Zealand are AWESOME (this is No 1 Son pretending to be the helicopter we’d just been in)…

Niagara…but if I had to choose then I think Niagara Falls is probably the most spectacular natural wonder I’ve ever seen. I’ve visited around four times, and the sheer magnitude of the Falls takes your breath away – particularly at night in the winter when they’re illuminated.

What’s the most spectacular natural wonder you’ve ever seen? I’d love to know.


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  2. mummytravels February 6, 2013

    Tricky! I think the Iguassu Falls in Brazil (and Argentina) win out for me – just the most amazing cascade of water, and getting two different experiences depending which side you’re on. But Iceland is definitely a contender, as well as the Amazon.

  3. mellissa williams February 5, 2013

    I am going to Vegas this year and can’t wait to see the Grand Canyon. Would you recommend driving there or going in a helicopter? I have always wanted to see the Northern lights.

  4. Melissa February 5, 2013

    Too many really. Grand Canyon is up there along with Monument Valley in the US. Victoria Falls and the Masai Mara in Africa. San Blas archipelago in Panama. Bay of Islands in NZ. The Atlantic Ocean from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean miles and miles from land.

  5. Trish February 5, 2013

    We loved Niagara Falls too but my favourite natural wonder has to be the geyser in Iceland. I could have sat next to it all day, watching it bubble up and explode. Mind you, the whole country gives that impression of bubbling, creaking and on the verge of explosion.
    Would love to visit New Zealand some time.

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