We could all do with a holiday

June 29, 2016

Auto Europe Blogger IGPost-Brexit Euro 2016 blues have well and truly set in and I think most of us are probably planning an escape right now – either a proper break or even contemplating the UK for good. So I was interested in a new survey from car rental company Auto Europe, which reveals what the average Brit’s holiday looks like.

The survey is based on what happens during a two week holiday, and some of the stats are really interesting. For example, many of us travel an average 2,479 miles to reach ourdestination; the average cost of a holiday is £1,863 (and unfortunately as we know this is now set to rise); and it’s good to know that on average 31% of us are getting… ahem… intimate when we’re away.

I’m surprised that we spend on average only 2.5 hours on our mobile devices every day while we’re away (I think that’s the average time I spend not using mine) and it’s good to know we spend just three hours a day sunbathing – so it seems we’re a bit more sensible about sun sense now than we used to be.

But the stats that made me laugh were the ones about getting lost and asking for directions – apparently we do this on average three times per holiday (more in my case); arguments – four (*cough*); and we complain about being too hot eight times a holiday. Yes, that one I can really identify with 😉


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