Which UGGs should I buy?

November 19, 2013

OK so as you know I am a fan of UGGs… even though my mum calls them ‘ugly’; and while I really wouldn’t recommend wearing them in all weathers/across all terrains, because trust me, if you treat them badly then sooner or later they will fall apart, the fact is that if you look after them properly they do keep your feet nice and snugly for several winters. What I also love is that they fit my feet, which are not the most attractive shape in the world, perfectly.

UGG B-ButtonSo as it’s *nearly* Christmas *cough* and frankly, I deserve a treat to see me through the season to be jolly, I’ve been perusing the John Lewis website because they have a great selection of UGGs, including this rather beautiful pair of B-Button calf-length boots (£200) which look as though they’d be super-warm, and I really love the buttons…

Ugg IrmahBut now something else has caught my eye. What’s this? Why yes, it’s a pair of leather calf-length boots. Gorgeous, aren’t they? They’re £170, they’re called UGG Irmah, and they look as though you could actually wear them dancing in the rain (with a spray of leather protector first, of course.) I can imagine wearing them to the office AND out in the evening afterwards, which is a definite bonus.

Now I’m in a bit of a rock/hard place. Do I go for snuggly, or practical? They’re both fabulous and there’s only £30 in it. Which pair of Ugg boots would you choose?

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  • Paula fazekas November 19, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    B-buttons! I’m after a pair of the classic longs but every time I go to buy them I feel guilty at spending that much… Though they will be mine!